The Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation is pleased to announce the INSPIRE Scholarship for High School Students

As part of the All In for Nurses Initiative, the INSPIRE Scholarship program will award $1,500 scholarships to local high school students planning to pursue careers in  healthcare and INSPIRE+ which is $5,000 per year for up to Five Years of education.

The Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation has launched the All In for Nurses Initiative to support the recruitment and retention of qualified nurses in our community. Our nation faces a potential crisis in healthcare, as projected in recent studies showing that the supply of registered nurses and will not meet demand over the next decade. As well, rural areas, that struggle with issues like housing and pay scale, will bear the burden of these projected shortages more than urban areas.

To help address this essential health and wellness need, MCHFoundation is supporting students through scholarships at various levels. The INSPIRE and INSPIRE+ Scholarships aim to support our local high school seniors as they begin their journey toward careers in healthcare.

All In For Nurses: INSPIRE Scholarship summary

Who: High school seniors with a career path in healthcare who possess a strong dedication to community health and wellness.

Scholarships: Four high school seniors enrolled in Fort Bragg or Mendocino High Schools will each be awarded a $1,500 scholarship. A limited number of INSPIRE+ scholarships are available where $5,000 per year is awarded for up to Five Years of education.

Qualifications: Candidates must be a graduating high school senior with a selected career path in healthcare.

Due Date: Applications for 2023 Scholarships will open in the Spring.

For more information on the INSPIRE Scholarship, please contact MCHFoundation at [email protected].

INSPIRE Scholarship FAQs:

1) Who is eligible to apply for the INSPIRE Scholarship?
The INSPIRE Scholarship is open to any senior from Fort Bragg and Mendocino High Schools who plan to pursue healthcare in college.

2) Where can I find the application for the INSPIRE Scholarship?
The INSPIRE Scholarship application can be found at MCHFoundation.org/scholarship.

3) What is the deadline for the INSPIRE Scholarship?
2023 INSPIRE scholarship applications will open in the Spring of 2023.

4) How many INSPIRE Scholarships will be awarded during this cycle?
Up to Four INSPIRE and INSPIRE+ Scholarships will be awarded for the 2022-2023 school year.

5) How much is the award for the INSPIRE Scholarship?
Each awardee of the INSPIRE Scholarship will receive a $1500 award. Each awardee of the INSPIRE+ Scholarship will receive a $5,000 annual award for up to Five Years.

6) Is there a fee to apply for the INSPIRE Scholarship?
There is no fee to apply for the INSPIRE Scholarship.

7) If I have applied for another scholarship, or financial assistance, may I still apply?
Yes, you may apply for the INSPIRE Scholarship regardless of other scholarships or assistance you have already applied for or received.

8) Do I need to include letters of recommendation or any other paperwork?
Letters of recommendation are not requested. We may require back up-documentation upon award of the INSPIRE Scholarship.

9) Do I need to use the INSPIRE scholarship funds for my tuition?
INSPIRE Scholarship funds can be used for any expenses that support your education in the healthcare field.

10) If I am awarded the INSPIRE Scholarship, when will I receive the funds?
The INSPIRE Scholarship awards will be disbursed at the annual MCHFoundation Golf Tournament, in Little River, held in July of each year.

11) When will I be notified of the award?
If selected, you will be notified of your INSPIRE Scholarship award by June of each award year.

12) Who do I contact for questions about the INSPIRE Scholarship?
Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation at [email protected]

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