2022 INSPIRE Awardees

All In For Nurses — Powered by the Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation

In 2022, MCHFoundation awarded $43,000 to support four coastal high school seniors pursuing college degrees dedicated to community health and wellness. These awardees have expressed an explicit desire to return to the coast and apply their education to serve our Mendocino Coast communities.

Aiying Gealey

Coastal local Aiying Gealey dreams of becoming a Child Life Specialist, so she can show children in the hospital the same care and kindness she received in her youth. Born with a cleft palate, Aiying has been through 10 corrective surgeries. Throughout her medical journey, it was the Child Life Specialists and pediatric physicians who went above and beyond to make her experience a positive one. Aiying begins her journey this fall at UC Davis, majoring in human development.

“I want to major in psychology and human development to eventually become a Child Life Specialist myself so that I can give children the same kind of support that I was given. I believe that I would be bringing a lot of experience to the healthcare field as a young woman who has undergone all of the surgeries that are cleft lip and/or palate related.”

Cloe Morgan
INSPIRE+ Scholar

A lifelong Fort Bragg resident, Cloe Morgan is grateful to live in a place that is focused on coming together. Whether it’s fundraising for a community member in need or acts of service, she sees caring for one’s community as a shared local value.

Cloe is an active participant in dance and has often worked two jobs while going to school. She is inspired by her mom who, despite the challenges of being a single parent, still participates actively in the community. In the fall, Cloe will begin classes at the University of Oregon. She will be working towards a degree in biology and dreams of becoming a radiologist.

“The medical field is something that has always been of interest to me, and I think it is one of the most important jobs in the world… it is truly where my heart lies. I want to be able to help people and their families the way that the doctors helped my grandfather when he was ill.”

Emily Nadeau

Born and raised in Fort Bragg, Emily Nadeau loves the familiarity and comfort of living in a small community. In the fall, she will begin her studies at California Polytechnic University of San Luis Obispo. Emily is majoring in psychology to help alleviate the hardship she’s seen among peers struggling with limited mental health resources. Emily is inspired by her mom and stepmom, both of whom work in health care and demonstrate the importance of doing what you can for others—and truly dedicating your life to service.

“We live in an era where mental wellness is more necessary than ever. I want to help my community move through these challenging times, along with those that will arise in the future. This community is a part of me, and I truly want to do what I can to make it a better place for everyone in it.”

Ronan Williams
INSPIRE+ Scholar

Sixth-generation Mendocino High School student Ronan Williams has always gravitated towards the sciences. He became fascinated with medicine at 10 years old, when his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. Years later, he enrolled in a human biology course at Mendocino College—an experience that affirmed his interest in pursuing a future career in medicine.

Ronan is also a skilled filmmaker. He combines his passion for science and interest in the arts to produce documentaries related to wellness, including a locally produced film about the risks and complications of type 2 diabetes. This fall, Ronan begins classes at UC Irvine. He will be working towards a major in human biology.

“I have always wanted to do what I can to help and protect others. Thank you for helping to support me in making this dream a reality.”

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