Coastal nurses honored through MCHFoundation Charlene McAllister Excellence in Nursing Award 2023

MCHFoundation announces the awardees to highlight and promote local expertise and dedication.

October 1, 2023

Fort Bragg, CA—October 2, 2023—The Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation is proud to announce the 2023 Charlene McAllister Excellence in Nursing Award, Mark Bellm, Director of Nursing of Sherwood Oaks Post Acute Care. Excellence in Nursing Honorable Mentions were also awarded to Melissa Hosier RN, Mendocino Coast Clinics; Kei Velazquez CNM, Mendocino Coast Clinics; Jennifer Salyer RN, Mendocino Coast Clinics; Dolores Taubold CNA, Adventist Health Mendocino Coast; Brittany Dilley RN, Adventist Health Mendocino Coast; Ariane Casey RN, Adventist Health Mendocino Coast, and Rebecca Yaffe RN, Adventist Health Mendocino Coast.

The Excellence in Nursing awardees demonstrate expertise in their professional practice, work to positively impact patient outcomes and experience, foster respect among their peers, and embody nursing ethics in their work.

MCHFoundation is proud to recognize Mark Bellm for his compassion and extraordinary care to his residents and coworkers at Sherwood Oaks Post Acute Care. Mark has been instrumental in creating a new Electronic Health Records system, implementing COVID-19 safety measures, and ensuring the comfort and safety of the residents at Sherwood Oaks. Business Manager Denise Vicars insists, “We need to show Mark just how much he makes a difference. I respect him as a nurse, this human, this man I get to call my coworker. He has chosen a life of health care, and he does it with respect and heart. His compassion is an opportunity to see health care in the right light and with love”.

The Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation plans to award the Charlene McAllister Excellence in Nursing Award and Honorable Mentions during a series of ceremonies held at each participating facility. The namesake of the Annual Excellence in Nursing Award is MCHFoundation Vice President and lifelong nurse, Charlene McAllister. Charlene worked as a nurse for over 40 years, moving to the Mendocino coast in 1982 to work as Director of Nursing Services at the Mendocino Coast District Hospital. Charlene has been involved with the Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation, formerly the Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation, since 1987. She remains an active volunteer with a rich history of contributions to health and wellness. MCHFoundation is pleased to recognize Charlene’s many years of service, and dedication to the Foundation’s mission, through this award.

The Charlene McAllister Award is a project of the Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation All In for Nursing Initiative to support the recruitment and retention of skilled nurses on the Mendocino coast. The All In for Nursing Initiative provides critical funds to support our community’s current and future healthcare providers. The All In for Nursing Initiative includes a scholarship campaign that provides funds for the continued education of working coastal nurses, college students working toward their nursing degree, and high school students considering a healthcare career. The All In for Nursing Initiative includes a component to work directly with our health and wellness partners to address the immediate needs of the local nursing community.

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