Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation Names 2023 INSPIRE Scholarship Awardees

2023 MCHF Impact Scholars

Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation Names 2023 INSPIRE Scholarship Awardees

June 1, 2023

FORT BRAGG, CA— Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation (MCHFoundation) is excited to announce six awardees of the third annual All In For Nurses INSPIRE Scholarships.

This unique scholarship addresses the caregiver shortage on the Mendocino Coast by supporting the next generation of healthcare professionals. Specifically, INSPIRE provides financial aid for coastal high school seniors pursuing college degrees dedicated to community health and wellness. The Scholarship Committee selects up to six students annually to receive $1,500 and up to two $20,000 INSPIRE+ awardees ($5,000 renewable installments over four years).

Thanks to the generosity of local donors, MCHFoundation has awarded $80,000 in scholarships to 16 students to date. In addition to pursuing careers in the field of health care, student awardees have expressed an explicit desire to return to the coast and apply their education to advance the wellness of our community.

Meet the 2023 INSPIRE Scholarship Awardees:

Lilian Hall


Inspired by her own personal experiences and those of her family, Lilian hopes to attend UC

San Diego to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology. Her clear sense of self and strong determination helped her overcome adversity throughout her life, and her goal is to become a clinical laboratory scientist to help “give patients answers that [she] didn’t receive and change lives for the better,” Lilian says.

Sonja Ivankay


Sonja has always loved math and chemistry—in fact, she was recently named Student of the Year for chemistry. She plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. It was a family friend who worked on a vaccine during the COVID-19 pandemic who helped cement her goal of working with a major pharmaceutical company to develop vaccines and other medicines.

Nicole Rossi


Propelled by her observations of her community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicole plans to earn her bachelor’s degree at UC Davis to become a clinical laboratory scientist or virologist. “Humanity has come so far in medical research, but it still has a long way to go, and I hope to be part of that journey,” Nicole says.

Morgan Taylor


Morgan hopes to earn a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering to advance medicine and help those with degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s. She also hopes to contribute to the science of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine for those with neural issues.

Kailee Thompson


As an athlete herself, Kailee hopes to earn degrees in both psychology and kinesiology. Taking a holistic approach, she says, “I want to pursue a career where I am focusing not only on the physical health of athletes, but their mental health as well.”

Ryan Sutton

INSPIRE+ Scholar

Ryan has chosen to attend Hawaii Pacific University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). It offers nursing courses based in the local hospital, which will allow him to gain hands-on experience. Upon earning his BSN, he plans to return to Fort Bragg for work and pursue specialized training in oncology.

“Being able to become an RN will allow me to fulfill my dreams, spread kindness to patients, and help my local community,” Ryan says. “I have a passion to serve, to care, and to give without receiving anything in return. There is truly no other place I would rather work than Fort Bragg’s amazing healthcare family.”

To learn more about the INSPIRE Scholarship and other financial assistance provided to aspiring medical professionals by MCHFoundation’s All In For Nurses Initiative, please reach out to Mary Tinder, Community Engagement Manager, at [email protected] or 707-961-4924.

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