NOW Scholarship

NOW Scholarship: Supporting the professional development of healthcare workers on the Mendocino Coast

As part of the All In For Nurses Initiative, MCHFoundation is pleased to announce the NOW Scholarship program.  The NOW Scholarship is targeted towards the professional development and continuing education needs of coastal healthcare workers.

In 2021, The Mendocino Coast Healthcare Foundation launched the All In for Nurses Initiative to provide external support for the recruitment and retention of nurses.  MCHFoundation is dedicated to the sustainability of coastal healthcare by investing in medical professionals NOW.

For more information on the NOW Scholarship, please contact MCHFoundation at

Purpose: To support the professional development and learning opportunities for coastal healthcare workers

Applicant EligibilityPracticing nurses, CNAs, technicians, from Gualala to Westport, pursuing professional development.

Eligible Expenses: Nursing & Technical CEU, Conferences or workshops, College Level courses, Specialized Trainings, etc.  Costs may include registration, course equipment, certification costs, and travel expenses.

Ineligible expenses: Vehicle maintenance, travel expenses for parties other than the recipient, and software subscriptions.

Scholarship ValueMax value of $1,000.

Qualifications: Practicing Lab Technicians, Radiology Technicians, CNA, LPN/LVN, RN (ADN/BSN), APRN, NP.

Due Date: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Awards: Scholarship awards will be distributed on a rolling basis.  MCHFoundation will announce the status of your award within one week of application receipt.

Support continuing education for nurses on the Mendocino Coast

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